What Is A Possum? 



Possums in New Zealand are an introduced species.

The Common Brushtail Possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) is a beloved native of Australia,  introduced to New Zealand in the 1850's for it's pelts, fiber and meat.

Possums are a gentle, nocturnal, marsupial. Their diet is mainly herbivorous however they have been labeled omnivores.

The population of possums in the wild reached an estimated 70 million animals by the 1980's, and they have been widely accused of many ecological crimes, and control measures have been in place to reduce their numbers. 


Possum fur is a premium luxury product and buying possum fur products is an ecologically sound way of regulating this species.

Possums that have been hunted have been treated more humanely than possums that have been poisoned in pest destruction operations.


We believe animals are sentient beings and therefore if they must be regulated, they should be treated without cruelty, and they should be treated as an important resource.



Photograph courtesy The Graf Boys

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